The stop sign first made its way into the traffic industry back in 1915 in Michigian, United States. They first appeared with black lettering on a white background. As advancements in reflective materials were made eventually the stop sign was standardized to a red octagon with white border and lettering.

In the image below is another sign shop’s stop sign which we had to replace for our customer, and as a result doubled the expense of the customer by having to replace the signage with the correct ones with the proper reflectivity. They used a grade of reflective that did not meet the Department of Transportation specifications and they also used a solid red vinyl film which did not allow any light to pass through or reflect back at the driver. Now imagine the ramifications of someone getting injured or killed on your property, municipal streets, or work zone because they didn’t see the stop sign… Unfortunately signs like these are produced everyday by sign shops that are not putting your safety or the safety of motorists first.

Just because a sign shop has the equipment to make a stop sign or other traffic signage it doesn’t mean they have the knowledge to do it right. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to do critical heart surgery, so why would you trust a random sign company with your traffic signage and traffic control product requirements?

Comparison of a proper stop sign Manufactured by Precision Sign & Traffic Supplies against a stop sign manufactured by another sign shop that does not meet spec.
The stop sign on the left was made by us (Precision Sign & Traffic Supplies) The stop sign on the right was made by another sign shop.

At Precision Sign & Traffic Supplies we have many years of dedication to this industry we work very closely with the Department of Transportation in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), and 3M Canada to ensure we are meeting and exceeding all provincial specifications and regulations with our traffic and work zone signage as well as to stay up to date with the latest regulations.

We are traffic sign precisionists because we always guarantee every sign that leaves our shop is done right. To prove it we are a proud to be a 3M Certified Fabricator, which means we are one of the very few sign shops across Canada pass 3M’s strict traffic industry standards and audits. Such as the raw materials manufacture the signs out of such as our sign grade aluminum that is 50% thicker than other shops utility-grade materials, so while their signs may bend or tear off their posts, ours stay in place. This also means we only use 3M reflective sheeting, inks, vinyls, and laminates meaning we can offer some of the best and longest warranties in the industry that go up to 12 years. 3M first developed reflective sheeting over 70 years ago and is still leading the way in traffic visibility.

Every year 3M evaluates our processes, storage, equipment, environment, and machine calibrations before re-certifying us. With their name and materials on the line, they want to make sure its a perfect product every time. We’re a trusted 3M partner one that you can trust for all of your traffic sign and traffic safety product needs.

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